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Could Your Commercial Property Use a Grounds Porter

Could Your Commercial Property Use a Grounds Porter?

When it comes to keeping up appearances of common areas, sometimes, grounds service or ground policing, the oft-neglected “little brother” to landscape, doesn’t always get the focus it deserves. But it should.

From apartment and condominium complexes to retail stores, maintaining a clean environment is crucial to creating a positive first impression for customers, clients, and residents. But a clean and well-maintained property goes beyond aesthetics. It sets the tone for your community or business and can significantly impact how residents or customers perceive your property. A tidy space creates a positive and professional environment that fosters trust and confidence. It also makes it easier to rent your space, can help reduce operations costs by keeping up with maintenance, and can help increase your property’s value. Not to mention, a clean and sanitary property keeps the property healthy and safe.

Could Your Commercial Property Use a Grounds Porter?

So, who is responsible for this upkeep? Most commercial properties require some type of outdoor services beyond landscaping. That’s where ground porters come in. They maintain the tidiness and overall appearance of the property and facilities, including paths, playgrounds, pool areas, picnic areas, dog parks, and any communal outdoor space. By patrolling the grounds regularly, they can find and address any mess or debris on the spot. They also play a vital role in preventing potential issues like leaks or spills from worsening before they cause significant damage.

Whether it’s picking up trash on the property, emptying dog park receptacles, cleaning, opening the pool houses, pressure washing, or replacing light bulbs, grounds porters—working solo or on a team—keep up with the wear and tear on your grounds, ensuring the property is always presentable. This is especially important during the upcoming spring and summer months.

As the weather warms, more people head outdoors to enjoy the fresh air. From outdoor picnics to playground visits and dog walking, these all bring an increase in foot traffic—and litter!

Enlisting the help of a ground porter means less time you have to spend worrying about how your outdoor spaces look.

Buswell & Bennett’s on-site ground porters will walk your property, tidying it up and maintaining its appearance every day. You get someone who is detail-oriented, reliable, and dedicated to your property only and is on-site 40 hours per week. They’re also your eyes and ears for any other landscaping issue that may need to be addressed, promptly reporting it to you.

Keeping your commercial property’s grounds tidy leads to better leasing outcomes—and profits. When the outside looks good, you’ll get potential renters inside!

Ready to get a jump on the spring season?

Hire Buswell & Bennett to keep your grounds tidy! Schedule an on-site visit by calling (703) 584-5236 or visiting our website.

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