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Cleaning Contracts: 4 Tips to Compare & Contrast

Cleaning Contracts: 4 Tips to Compare & Contrast

Looking to change your cleaning services vendor for 2024? It’s almost time to start pulling commercial cleaning service quotes.  More often than not, it can get overwhelming when trying to compare estimates from different providers. It’s getting harder and harder to read the fine print or spot what’s missing in a contract, especially when you are comparing apples to oranges to kumquats! 

Let us help you figure it out. We’ve been putting together custom contracts for cleaning properties in Northern Virginia since 1967!  We’ve seen it all, and we are happy to share these 4 quick tips.


Determining how many hours you need and when cleaning services will be performed may seem like an obvious piece of information to include in a contract, but be sure to read the contract and discuss the schedule with your community. Cleaning hours can include any number of individuals, days M-Su, and day vs night scheduling. It’s important to ask for what you need and make sure you understand exactly what you are quoted.


When reviewing cleaning contract proposals, be sure to mention cleaning supplies. Some companies exclude them from the contract entirely, adding them and often the delivery of supplies, as extra fees later on.  Try to get the “all inclusive” quote. Ask for multiple quotes if all natural, green, or other specialty products are desired.


The more efficient yo ur cleaningvendor is, the fewer hours it will take them to clean your property, and the cleaning will be higher quality. Look for providers that use technologically-advanced equipment. Not only will top-of-the-line supplies and equipment ensure your property looks its best, but it is also a matter of safety for your occupants.


Staffing is a challenge for many companies today, and the cleaning industry is no different. In Northern Virginia, rising wages, high turnover and the use of illegal workers are everyday challenges.  While price is usually the #1 driver in a search for a new cleaning vendor, always consider the old adage, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Too often as prices go down, the quality of cleaning staff does as well. Well cared for, legal, and properly paid cleaning professionals, can be trusted with your property. They value their jobs and will therefore work hard to keep them. Not to mention the added value a familiar face has onsite at a property. No one likes the stress of high turnover, retraining, and re establishing trust.

Still have questions? Buswell & Bennett Commercial Cleaning, and our employees, have been cleaning properties for a very long time. With us, you get old fashioned work ethic and pride in our work paired with modern cleaning methods and products. Reach out online or call (703) 938-5813!

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