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Pollen Patrol for Carpets

Why Clean Your Property’s Carpets Now?

Did you know that in Northern Virginia, you should have your property’s carpets cleaned at least once a year? Keep reading to learn why and why now might be the right time for cleaning your office, building, apartment complex or condo complex carpets.

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Property’s Carpets

Having your carpets deep cleaned at least once a year keeps your tenants healthy because it improves air quality. Deep cleaning carpets not only removes dirt and grime, but it also helps to remove contaminants that may be lingering deep inside the carpet. And, by removing these contaminants, the air quality of your property will improve. Essentially, a dirty carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria and poor air quality.

Pollen, Mold Spores and More…Stuck in Your Carpets

Before humidity kicks into high gear, now is a good time to clean up after winter dirt and salt, remove pesky pollen and any mold spores starting to wake up. Warm, non-humid air allows the moisture of freshly cleaned carpets to dry at a faster rate, which is really important since wet carpets are prone to bacteria and mold. Basically, the quicker carpets dry, the better.

As pollen overwhlems us, carpets trap it and hold it tight, releasing it again to be “enjoyed” at every step. No one wants that! Same goes for mold spores just waiting to grow. Stop them both in their tracks with high quality deep carpet cleans from Buswell & Bennett.

Buswell & Bennett’s Carpet Cleaning Services

When it comes to your property’s carpets, we understand that you always want to make the best impression on those who frequent your property.

And, our commercial carpet cleaning service will make sure your carpets look fresh and renewed. Our team can expertly remove pollen, mold, city grime, dirt, and foot tracks brought in by daily comings and goings. Plus, our carpet cleaning solution is designed to disinfect your carpets and kill any lingering germs. Once we are done, we just know that your freshly cleaned carpets will impress your tenants.

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