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The exterior of your commercial property can make a lasting impression on clients or potential tenants. Everyone knows that first impressions are everything. So how can you ensure your property remains immaculate year-round? The answer is simple: pressure washing.

What exactly is pressure washing?

Pressure washing is the vigorous spraying of unheated water onto a surface under high pressure. Pressure washing removes dirt, organic debris and grime from sidewalks, common areas, entryways and other areas. Pressure washing is also great for rinsing or removing dirt.

We would like to point out that power washing is not the same as high pressure cleaning. These two are often used interchangeably, but they are a little different.

As we have already mentioned, pressure washing is the use of pressurized water to remove dirt, grime and organic deposits from exterior surfaces. The water temperature is normal, only high pressure. In power washing, surfaces are cleaned with heated, pressurized water. It is ideal for heavily soiled areas such as driveways or parking lots with oil stains.

Where should you pressure wash?

Pressure washing is suitable for the following areas:

  • vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • deck
  • the fence
  • Lane
  • terraced fields
  • main entrance
  • Public area
  • sidewalks and sidewalks
  • playground equipment
  • trash can
  • area around swimming pool


Why should you pressure wash?

There are many benefits to pressure washing your property. Here are four:

  1. A clean building with a neat appearance will impress all visitors and increase the attractiveness of the building. Cleaning the exterior areas of your property regularly shows people that you take pride in your building and that it is well managed and maintained.
  1. Regular pressure washing of your outdoor areas will help prevent premature aging on your property, reducing expensive maintenance and repair.
  1. Pressure washing sidewalks can help prevent injuries and reduce liability. For example, removing debris, mold and algae with pressure washing from sidewalks and outdoor stairs protects visitors from trips and falls.
  1. Regular cleaning of your building can increase the value of your property. So if you’re thinking of selling your property, one of the first things you should do is pressure wash it!


Looking for a Pressure Washing Company Near You?

Buswell & Bennett provides pressure cleaning services to commercial properties in Northern Virginia. Our highly trained professional cleaning experts employ multiple layers of quality control to ensure great results every time. To learn more about our commercial pressure washing services, give us a call at (703) 584-5236 or complete the online form to request an estimate for your property.

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