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Buswell and Bennett Meet Karen

A Day in the Life of a Cleaning Route Supervisor

At Buswell & Bennett, we’re invested in our people. We are passionate about teaching, training, and upgrading skills so our employees have a pathway to success. It’s also important for our clients and prospects to know how hard we work behind the scenes to keep their properties shining.

Today we learn about Karen and her role as a Route Supervisor.

Meet Karen


Hi, I’m Karen and I am a Route Supervisor for Buswell & Bennett. I’ve worked with the company for two years, starting as a route driver and was promoted to the coordinator position.

Her Day-to-Day

Having efficient cleaning routes is important to maximize our productivity. I currently coordinate 27 employees cleaning 60 properties throughout Maryland, D.C., and northern Virginia.

This means that each day, I:

  • Train staff
  • Deliver and monitor supplies
  • Make sure vehicles are running properly and adhere to scheduled maintenance
  • Meet with onsite property managers to make sure they are happy with the service
  • Carefully inspect properties to confirm that everything is getting done and done properly

Above and Beyond

Everything our clients need, I make sure it happens. I also assist as a backup when someone calls out sick.

Why Route Supervisors Matter

If weather, a vehicle malfunction, traffic, a sick employee or lack of supplies threatens the completion of a promised job, it’s my responsibility to get things back on track, and to communicate with all the parties involved.

It’s important to have a route supervisor to make sure all employees are trained and doing their job in a safe yet efficient manner. It’s a pleasure to work with everyone and make sure a property is looking its best - no matter what. I also encourage all the staff to do their best at everything they do. This creates employees who care about their properties, enhances quality of services, and prepares some to lead, just like me!

Feeling Valued and Valuing Others

When I first started working at Buswell & Bennett, they started training me for advancement. This even included advanced English classes. They gave me opportunities to grow so that I could better myself and my kids’ lives, which I am so grateful for.

I like being part of a close knit team at Buswell & Bennett. I love helping the other employees communicate with property managers and understand where and when they need to be. I am happy to come in early each day so I can start them off on the right route, and on the “right foot.”

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