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The Clean Parking Garage as First Impression

It’s time to think about cleaning the insides of your property’s parking garage.

Is Your Property’s Parking Garage a Fright? or a Delight?

Did you know that people are more likely to give their business to places that have clean parking lots and garages? This is mainly because clean parking lots and parking garages are a sign that a business or building is a safe and secure environment. It shows that you value your customers, tenants and visitors.

Keep Your Parking Garage Clean for Tenants, Clients & Visitors

Commercial & office buildings benefit from well kept, sparkling parking garages, because they keep visitors and tenants focused on the purpose of their visit – not distracted by the discomfort and uneasy feeling on can get in a dreary, dirty parking garage. But if their first impressions is always good, it means future visits are more likely. Which results in solid tenants with solid clients for the long term.

Apartment & condo buildings are people’s homes. Everyone enjoys coming home to a brightly lit, clean parking garage. It removes any stress causes by dirt, odors, or the perception of danger, and this means they are happy to where they live, and proud to share it with others. Potential tenants are more likely to sign a lease with an apartment complex that has a nice and clean parking lot or garage.

Retail & restaurant buildings involve people coming and going, typically with spending money on their minds, and enjoying a delicious meal. No one enjoys feeling as though their wallet or newly purchased packages might be unprotected. Nor does an unkempt garage improve one’s appetite.

Churches, gyms & clubs with a large number of visitors might be part of a larger complex with a shared parking garage. For these folks, safety is key. And nothing says unsafe and creepy like a filthy, smelly garage in the evening or weekend hours. Make it feel comfortable and easy to access these businesses.

Keeping your parking lots or garages clean can also help preserve them. When you keep these areas free of debris and dirt, it helps to prevent premature erosion and deterioration as well as the formation of standing water, which can lead to a plethora of issues.

Another benefit of keeping your parking lots and garages clean is the fact that it helps protect your business against lawsuits by keeping any visitors or tenants safe. The buildup of dirt and debris can lead to vehicle accidents, standing water, or people tripping or falling.

Buswell & Bennett’s parking garage and lot cleaning services run the gamut. Our customer conscious staff will provide the services that you feel best suits the needs of your property.

    • Our services include:
        • Sweeping
        • Hosing down all areas
        • Pressure washing
        • Use of tenant machines
        • Trash removal
        • Grafitti removal
        • And more

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