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What’s The Difference: Cleaning Porters, Cleaning Crews, and On-Staff Cleaners

Maintaining a clean and sanitized environment is essential for any establishment, be it a commercial space, a residential building, or a healthcare facility. To achieve this, businesses often have several options to choose from, including hiring cleaning porters, forming cleaning crews, or employing on-staff cleaners. Each approach comes with its own set of pros, cons, and differences, which must be carefully evaluated based on the specific needs of the organization.

Pros/Cons of Commercial Cleaning Porters


Flexibility: Cleaning porters can be contracted on a part-time or temporary basis, allowing businesses to adjust cleaning schedules and activities.

Cost Efficiency: Hiring cleaning porters when needed can be cost-effective for smaller businesses with little square footage that do not have a consistent need for cleaning services.

Immediate Response: Full time or semi-full time porters can respond promptly to urgent cleaning needs or spills, preventing potential hazards.


Inconsistency: Cleaning porters might not be have enough time to complete bigger tasks, or may be unfamiliar with the facility’s layout and specific cleaning procedures, leading to inconsistencies in cleaning quality.

Training Challenges: Frequent turnover among cleaning porters can lead to the need for constant training, which could impact the efficiency of cleaning operations.

Pros/Cons of Commercial Cleaning Crews



Efficiency: Cleaning crews consist of trained professionals who work together to efficiently clean large areas in a relatively short time.

Expertise: Crew members are trained in various cleaning techniques and equipment operation, ensuring a higher standard of cleanliness.

Consistency: Crews follow established routines and protocols, leading to consistent cleaning results over time.


Limited Flexibility: Cleaning crews may have fixed schedules, which could be problematic if cleaning is needed on an irregular basis.

Pros/Cons of On-Staff/In House Cleaners



Familiarity: On-staff cleaners are intimately familiar with the facility’s layout, cleaning requirements, and specific preferences.

Consistency and Accountability: Having dedicated staff ensures accountability and consistent quality, as they are directly invested in the organization’s success.

Immediate Response: On-staff cleaners can respond promptly to urgent cleaning needs or spills, preventing potential hazards.


Cost: Employing full-time or part-time on-staff cleaners can be more expensive due to salary, benefits, and other associated costs.

Resource Allocation: Businesses need to allocate resources for recruiting, training, and managing on-staff cleaners, which might divert attention from core operations.

So, How Do You Decide On Cleaning Services for Your Commercial Property?

Choosing between cleaning porters, cleaning crews, and on-staff cleaners depends on various factors such as the size of the establishment, the frequency of cleaning required, and the budget available. The level of customization, depth of cleaning and quality of service demanded by tenants, employees and visitors to the property should also be considered. Organizations should carefully evaluate their priorities and needs to determine the most suitable cleaning solution for their specific circumstances.

Keep in mind that your property or properties’ cleaning program does not need to fall in just one of these categories. A combination of services might be the best choice. Talk to your cleaning vendors so they can create a customized solution just right for you.

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