A Day in the Life of a Cleaning Route Supervisor

Buswell and Bennett Meet Karen

At Buswell & Bennett, we’re invested in our people. We are passionate about teaching, training, and upgrading skills so our employees have a pathway to success. It’s also important for our clients and prospects to know how hard we work behind the scenes to keep their properties shining. Today we learn about Karen and her…

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Could Your Commercial Property Use a Grounds Porter?

Could Your Commercial Property Use a Grounds Porter

When it comes to keeping up appearances of common areas, sometimes, grounds service or ground policing, the oft-neglected “little brother” to landscape, doesn’t always get the focus it deserves. But it should. From apartment and condominium complexes to retail stores, maintaining a clean environment is crucial to creating a positive first impression for customers, clients,…

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Don’t Stress over Holiday Mess. Bee Prepared.


Start 2024 on the right foot making sure your property is clean, sanitary, and ready for the new year.  First step? Clean up after the holidays where foot traffic, weather and holiday related messes add an additional layer of dirt, grime, trash and germs. Let’s take a look at where to clean from the bottom…

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